The Land of Make Believe

Santa isn’t real!

Daddy is the Easter Bunny!

The tooth fairy’s wallet was empty (aka Mum’s purse)!

Do you remember the moment you discovered that it was all make believe.  The moment you grew up just a little and the world became a little less wonderful.


Well, here’s a challenge.  It’s time to return to the land of make believe!


Nothing in our mental world is real – it’s a processed interpretation of the data that comes into our brain – and that interpretation is filtered through the hardwired past experiences we have encoded.  To save energy, the brain will make biased assumptions based on past success or failure – it’s why kids who haven’t tried an activity or challenge will assume they can’t do it, because they haven’t done anything like it before – there is no data to support success.  In such situations the brain will then warn of potential danger, elicit an emotional fear response, and the task will seem ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ (and for the uninitiated – that’s really big!).

BUT, we know that simply ‘thinking’ an action creates a connection in the brain, and giving that connection attention… strengthens it.  You can literally, by design, create the world inside your head.

So don’t be afraid to take mental time to create your vision, decide what you want to achieve and take time to reflect, design, test and create that reality inside your head.  In the workplace this applies to conversations you have to have, programs you wish to create, teams you wish to motivate, problems you need to solve or that promotion you wish to receive.

If you can create it in your head, you can create it in the world.

What then happens is that your brain has a new set of connections to reference when opportunities or ideas that support and relate are presented to you.  And where in the past it may have dismissed them, it will now pay attention!  It has a reference point.

This is a valuable tool in our challenging modern world – we need new mental maps to survive – and this is one way to create them, particularly with the support of a coach.

At this time of year, thinking about your next year and creating and visualising your ‘word’ (refer my blog from earlier this year ‘Getting Focused’) is a worthwhile activity.  Even better with your team and a professional facilitator who can challenge you to think bigger and beyond and to get the clarity of connections required to capitalise on this quirk of the human brain!

Of course, a good place to start is always over a glass or wine or a good coffee…then give me a call!

Love to hear your thoughts!


Michelle  🙂






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