Rewiring the Way Humans Think, Behave & Lead

You need more people focused on the the right things more of the time, powerful conversations are the most sophisticated technology you have for getting things done

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Leading Humans is a leadership and communication consultancy and training company.

What sets us apart is that our programs are specifically designed to be ‘brain-friendly’ taking into account recent and ongoing discoveries in social cognitive neuroscience.

We are passionate about helping people to be ‘better at being human’! (better at the human stuff)

We do this by rewiring how people think, behave and lead, and teaching them the science of how to work WITH the human brain, not against it.

We do this so that people can be better leaders, better colleagues, better partners, better parents and better friends.

We change the way people live their personal and professional lives.


rewiring the way humans think, lead and behave

We offer a range of leadership development and coaching programs

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We really love getting the opportunity to work with some wonderful people, and we’re so glad our clients feel the same


Latest thoughts, news and development from Michelle Loch and the Leading Humans Team

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Curiosity Killed Assumption

Curiosity Killed the Assumption

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From Survival to Substance Mindset

When we can masterfully shift to a place of exceptional self leadership and self regulation we are showing up with what I call a substance mindset. Where we operate in ways that work with the human brain rather than against it.

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