The Barrier to Truth


I listen to the news, I listen to the politicians, I listen (visually) to posts on Facebook and I can’t seem to know where to find the truth.

In reality there is no truth. There is my truth, and your truth, and as of today when I checked, more than 7.8billion individuals truths across the globe. What we see in the world is merely a perception based on how our brain is wired – it’s a compilation – and every brain in the world is wired differently.

To overcome this, accept what you hear from others as a starting point, not an end point.

The one and only barrier to the truth is proactive curiosity. The absence of proactive curiosity leaves us vulnerable to being ‘brain-washed’ i.e., accepting non-truth or assumption as truth. This is normal for humans, just not particularly useful. It is also a powerful political tool – world politics as well as friendship circle politics.

This is what proactive curiosity looks like – and does not look like?

Comment NO YES
Let’s dive in and get started! Great! Just to clarify, what exactly do you mean by ‘diving in and getting started’?
Somebody said that Harold and Megan are separated because Megan cheated on him! Really, that’s terrible! Who specifically said that?  How do they know?  Has anyone spoken to either of them or checked that out?
The Government is not doing its job! Yes they are (government supporter)
I agree (opposition supporter)
Tell me more about that.  What exactly are you referring to?  Can you explain what they are doing and how that is an issue for you?
I think we should start this new project immediately! No, we should definitely wait after 30 June. Ok, interesting!  I have a different perspective, but can you tell me more about your thoughts first so I can understand where you are coming from?
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