Take your sunglasses off!

The first thing that you can do to help yourself get the best brain fitness, at the foundational level, is to create an environment which allows your brain to function well.

Light, having a profound effect on our mind and body, is an important aspect in creating a brain-enhancing environment.

Of course, the healthiest source of light is still natural sunlight. It’s where we get much of our Vitamin D and without an adequate amount in our body, our immune system can be weakened which can then lead to depression.

But guess what!!

98% of the benefits we get from sunlight are transmitted through the eyes and only 2% through the skin. So, to get its full benefits . . . TAKE YOUR SUNGLASSES OFF! I know that’s a bit strange for us here in Australia but 10 to 20 minutes ‘sunglass free’ can make a big difference.

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Of course, you can go straight to sign-up as well!

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