Making Waves

Jim Collins in ‘Good to Great’ talks about focusing first on ‘who’ then on ‘what’ and suggests that a leader’s first priority needs to be on getting the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off the bus.

I agree.

But who are the right people?  How many times have you seen the ugly duckling turn into the swan, and the impressive circus performer fall?  Who would have thought the tortoise would beat the hare?  How do you predict how things will turn out?

You don’t want a tribe of followers, nor will a bunch of ball-breakers be able to collaborate to effect the iterative changes required for true transformation.

You need to find the people who can make waves – gentle waves – who can influence with a respectful quietness in a way that encourages well-considered risk.  Find people who challenge the status quo in a way that is not offensive, who can elicit insight and instil self-accountability in their people.

People who can, through subtle and gentle shifts below the surface, create the eventual tsunami of change.

These people have skill.  The kind of leadership skill necessary to be a VUCA-world leader where nothing is certain, where complexity is ‘normal’ and where volatility and ambiguity reign.

These people understand human motivation, they have self-control, they are skilled at powerful conversation and they command respect through the articulation and embodiment of their own unique and considered leadership philosophy.

These people make waves.  And they are the people you want on your team.  Go find some wave-makers….or put in place a program to create them from within your own company.

Michelle  🙂

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