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rewiring the way humans think, lead and behave

Five Key Areas…

To lead humans you need to BECOME a leading human…

Great leaders of people develop expertise in three areas:

  • They understand what leadership really is, and develop an Exceptional Leadership focus on understanding the humans they lead over their technical expertise.
  • They truly understand the process of Exceptional Collaboration, how to achieve it and how to support others to achieve it
  • They have the courage, confidence and skill to engage in Exceptional Conversations that influence and create insight and motivation
BUT…at the core of this ideal, lies and Exceptional ME!

Leadership develop begins with self-leadership – a deep awareness of self and how that self impacts others and outcomes.

We begin the leadership journey with becoming a Leading Human!


Using powerful conversation skills to inspire and influence

Having a highly collaborative and functioning team gives you an advantage in meeting organisational and educational needs, gaining clarity around role expectations and accountability, and enabling quick wins. This workshop focuses on the five key requirements for a team to be highly functional (the T.R.E.A.T Model) along with an understanding of the latest science and thinking around ‘teaming’ and collaboration.


Change happens one conversation at a time Using powerful conversation skills to inspire and influence our people spend 80% of their workplace time in conversation, and on average, 37% of their time in meetings. This presents you with a huge opportunity for focused, quality thinking and to target and influence behavioural change. Investing in this skill will reduce time wasted on non-useful conversations, meetings and interactions and get your team focused and functional – and most importantly, improve the quality of thinking. Quality conversations lead to quality thinking and decision-making which lead to quality outcomes.


Leadership development programs should provide the opportunity for every leader to investigate their thinking and behavioural patterns and preferences using a validated and relevant tool. Ideally this will be accompanied by a one or one and a half hour coaching session to support the leader to think deeply and creatively about their personal impact and influence as a leader. The goal of the coaching and mentoring is to to help the leader make connections and set specific actions to implement in their quest to becoming a ‘Leader of Substance’. When you understand your own wiring, you have to insight to make better choices about what is going on in the moment, and to reframe and refocus attention in useful places to achieve better outcomes


One of the big neuroscience discoveries of recent times is that our brains are plastic – you may have heard the term neuroplasticity – and what has been of most interest is just how very differently we are wired – much more than we previously believed.

This program is designed to help you to discover and understand your own brain wiring at a deeper level, and to understand that in fact, you are in control of how your brain can change and develop in the future – we call it self-directed neuroplasticity – you have the power to change your brain.

Coaching & Mentoring

“Great leaders first lead themselves”

Our Coaching and Mentoring programs, are specifically designed to support and develop leaders in three critical spheres:

  • Ability to CONNECT
  • Ability to CONTROL
  • Ability to COMMUNICATE

When mastery in these three spheres is achieved the REWIRED Leader has the tools and skills to ENGAGE self and others, to MOTIVATE self and others and to INFLUENCE self and others.

Improving leadership performance is about identifying and creating sustainable and useful behaviour change, and that is easier said than done. As humans, we are hopelessly inept at sorting out our own brains and minds. That’s where coaching comes in!

Our REWIRE process takes your leader on a journey from Intention to Impact.

The REWIRE Coaching Model

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My Brain Academy

“Learning about your brain WILL make you more productive”

Feeling a mental slow down?
Finding it hard to stay focused?
Afraid of ‘losing your mind’ as you age


Doing OK but focused on being
the best YOU that you can be!

Your brain can be its own worst enemy. Learning how your brain really works, and making different choices about where you place attention can reverse these feelings and set you up to get much more from your brain, and for a more productive and healthy life!

The My Brain Academy program will take you on a 5-phase journey to show you how to develop and maintain your brain’s amazingness by optimising it’s usage, and by supporting it to generate new neurons – the bits that help us process information and learn.

“The My Brain Academy program has been a real game changer for me. I have been dabbling in this neuroscience stuff for a while now and Michelle filled in all the gaps. She took me back to neuroscience kindergarten and then all the way through to university!”

Steve Riley


It’s been a month since I started Michelle Loch’s “My Brain Academy” and there are so many aspects of it that I enjoy. First and potentially the most important is that I can watch the video casts when it suits me on whatever device I want to use and I can shift between devices. It is so easy and flexible that you can fit it into a busy lifestyle without it feeling like an unwelcome cost to your time. The content is delivered in a variety of ways to also suit your preferred style of learning. Video casts, documents and workbooks are available for all modules and are displayed in an intuitive format. The modules in MBA are packed full of detailed information and easy to apply strategies to really tap into what can help you achieve and maintain PEAK brain functioning.
“Since starting Michelle Loch’s “My Brain Academy” I find myself waiting for the next module with similar anticipation to the next episode of a favourite TV series. MBA gives you a range of modules presented as video casts with supporting documents and workbooks. You can watch these any time that suits you and self pace through the program to fit around any busy schedule. Each module focuses on aspects on brain fitness and the everyday habits you can implement to achieve and maintain brain fitness and PEAK brain performance. If you want to perform better across all aspects of your life achieving brain fitness is the place to start. Michelle’s MBA program will get you there.”

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